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I'm just starting my first class through CraftArtEdu. The instructions and demos are thorough and easy to follow. Hopefully, I'll finish my sweater in this life time. At least I can go back to the class until it IS finished.

— Pam

I don't see a computer in the near future, but what I have is an iPad which serves my wants for now.  I can take it anywhere.  CraftArtEdu.com should make itself available for people like me. 

Note from CraftArtEdu: Nancy and all iPad users, CraftArtEdu will be releasing in early September 2012 a version of our classes that will be compatible with the iPad! Look for our announcement.

— Nancy

CraftArtEdu would like to share some of the answers to questions on our Subscriber Survey, July 2012. We thank the participants in this survey as we appreciate their feedback!

Of the classes you've taken from CraftArtEdu.com, which was your favorite and why?

– "How to make my own cutters. It is very useful."
– "Donna Kato. I just like her."
– "Bettina Welker's hinge bangle - simplicity and modern design, easy to understand instructions."
– "Sylvie P's Blue Jean tutorial. It was loaded with information!"
– "Actually have loved many of the free classes, because it is a really easy to learn the techniques."
– "I honestly couldn't choose a favourite. I have been very pleased with every class I have done."
– "Actually I have like all of them for different reasons. Favorite would probably be Julie Eakes micro caning or Lindly's leaves."
– "Jana Roberts Benson's Leaf cane. Jana is a very accomplished artist in several mediums, I like her style. She explains everything clearly."
– "Lindly's IKAT leaves - great instruction, great technique, good sequence."
– "Zipper Cane. I love the detail that I can now add to my pins for my sweaters and felted jackets. Inspirational."
– "Cathy Harm (Millefiori, I like to do it) Natalia García de los Rios, it is easy to understand I like what she does."
– "Can't make up my mind, I like them all."
– "Leslie Bickford lamp class. She's amazing and had been the guest artist at our clayathon retreat and mentioned teaching how to make lamps. I took the class and thought it was easy to follow and have made several lamps since."
– "Polymer knitting with Judy Belcher. Love the colors and its a simple technique to start. Once you master the basics doing the more complicated steps was easier."
– "Wood and Pebbles, from Sylvie Peraud. Very realistic, process easy to understand and very useful."

— CraftArtEdu Subscriber Survey Participants - July 2012

I am a Silversmith. I got into polymer clay about a year or so ago, after seeing some fantastic silver jewelry incorporating polymer clay. I haven't really applied the two as of yet because I am trying to perfect some of the amazing techniques involved with polymer clay. I am amazed as to what is out there and have yet to find my niche. love it all. That is what led me to CraftArtEdu. I love the tutorials. They are very thorough and being able to watch the artist is so so helpful.

My only complaint is I have purchased almost all the clay tutorials and wish new ones would come out more frequently. Hoping someone will have a silver and clay tutorial soon.

Keep up the good work.

— Patricia Livsay

CraftEdu brought an incredible learning experience right to my computer—so I could develop my talent without fighting traffic, rushing to class or trying to get a question noticed in some huge lecture hall.

— Josie Pittman, charcoal artist

I use CraftEdu as a great online source for learning some new techniques and to refresh some old ones. My usual subjects are polymer and metal clay, but last week I took two of the "Zentangle" courses which has stimulated many new texture ideas for clay.;The price is very affordable, you study from home, the teachers are available should you have questions andyou are able to review the course over and over. It is perfect.

— Georgie Galante

CraftArtEdu.com makes it easy for even a beginner to really enjoy a craft because knowledge and techniques are shared in easy-to-understand language and tutorials.

— Karen

I just wanted to let you know that I really love it that you keep all our purchased courses on a library on our account page. I just hate it when I buy something and then have to go digging through my downloads, or I forget about it altogether. Since you save them in our library, I am more willing to buy courses knowing that I won't lose them. Now if I can just find the time to do them!

— Marilyn M.

Your Lessons are wonderful! The selection of artists is almost unbelievable. The videos are sophisticated and a joy to watch. There is something for everyone, any age, to learn and enjoy. The words "dedicated to nurturing the passion of the creative person within you" are not just words, but actions. Thank you for taking the time to present the crafts and fine art in such high regard! We can view them on our laptop, iPad and even the Kindle Fire. Completely portable lessons! Thank you, Donna.

— Susan Murry

It is wonderful to be able to take classes on CraftEdu. This saves me the time and the considerable expense to travel to workshops. I have been using polymer clay for many years, but I always want to learn new techniques and try new projects. Being able to review a class many times is great and I find the cost very reasonable. I highly recommend CraftEdu!

— Elaine Langsner

I have been doing quite a few tutorials at CraftEdu and that is the beauty of this site. You can browse until you connect with a specific craft.

The quality of instruction and presentation is high and is delivered by artisans who practice what they preach. You also have access to ask these same instructors questions about their presentations through their class forums and discussions. This is important to me as I live in Australia and have often felt geographically challenged when trying to learn a specific technique through books.

What is most extraordinary about this site is that the administrators are not only professional, but accessible. I had one problem when I first started and contacted admin, not really expecting much in the way of response. Within hours I was contacted by two administrators and my problem was resolved very quickly. This act of customer service reassured me that I had indeed found a safe, hassle-free online playground where I could learn and develop at my leisure.

— Cara Letho

Hi Donna,

Your BIG BEAD class was really fun, exciting and so easy to follow. My beads turned out pretty good for my first try. LOVE that zipper cane!!!!!! Very addicting. I posted my beads as my profile pic. The very ones I made from your class! It was the first class I did on craftedu. LOVE this site. It's so perfect and much needed for "people like us"! Thank you for all you've done to create and keep this going. I've done 2 more classes and love them also! Keep em coming!

— Amy Culbert