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Welcome to CraftArtEdu, your Craft and Fine Art eLearning Community

About Us

CraftArtEdu is a truly unique online craft and fine art e-learning community, one dedicated to nurturing the passions of the creative person within each of us.

Our world-renowned craft and fine art instructors are committed to making the creative world more accessible and convenient than ever before. Our online class assures that each student can progress at a comfortable pace, in a supportive environment.

It is our mission to ignite the spark of excellence in the heart of each student, showing how technique and imagination can combine to create a world of infinite possibilities.

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About You

CraftArtEdu’s class offerings includes craft and fine art courses designed for all experience levels. Novices can explore new media, while experienced artisans will be challenged by our more advanced courses.

CraftArtEdu students enjoy step-by-step instruction and personalized feedback from talented, friendly instructors. Our online learning and feedback format offers personalized, one-on-one support—so you’ll never have to fight for an instructor’s attention.

And because every purchased course remains available it can be viewed and reviewed any time day or night, CraftArtEdu students can jump in any time the creative urge strikes—even in the middle of the night.