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Cristina participates in Juried Competitions and Exhibitions and her work is featured in various publications. Cristina is also one of the founders of the Portuguese Polymer Clay Guild – Artemassa.

Cristina Almeida

One of Cristina Almeida’s main rules is, everything is possible, if you're determined and committed. Polymer Clay fits this rule perfectly. It challenges and makes Cristina evolve, because she can create no matter what design or pattern she imagines. Inexpensive, easy and challenging, and doesn’t need too much space or tools.

As a teacher, Cristina encourages everyone to keep their uniqueness and individuality, and reflect it in their art to stand out. Everyone learns from each other and shares experiences that will help each of us grow as individuals and as artists, and our art lives and grows as we do.

As Cristina is always searching for new ideas, she first creates the general concept of what she wants, then, along the way of creation, she finds new paths that lead her to improve the initial idea. She always combines shape and patterns like an outfit, and each one is an input in a problem- solving process. She likes to make timeless jewelry that she can never be bored with. This leads her to a concept to make a jewelry piece that can change design and have a new look every day – the Infinity concept.

Cristina participates in Juried Competitions and Exhibitions, winning 3rd Place in the Art Jewelry category in IPCA’s Progress & Possibilities 2008 and 2009 CODAchrome Exhibition, AAW Gallery of Wood Art in St. Paul, Minnesota. Her work is featured in The Art of Polymer Clay-Millefiori Techniques by Donna Kato, Polymer Clay Color Inspirations by Lindly Haunani and Maggie Maggio, Schmuck-Unikate & Accessoires aus Polymer-Clay by Bettina Welker. Cristina is also one of the founders of the Portuguese Polymer Clay Guild – Artemassa.

Location: Queijas, Portugal
Member since: 2012

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