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Ed published articles in The Artist’s MagazineWatercolor MagicArt Materials TodayArt Materials RetailerIsland Arts Magazine, was contributing editor for Palette Talk, and has been acknowledged in more than a dozen art books. His formal art education was received at Moravian College and Baum School of Art in Pennsylvania. Ed is writing a book, “Making Art:  Materials and Techniques for Today’s Artists,” due to publish in 2013.

Ed Brickler

As an artist, Ed Brickler considers himself a technician, and he is very interested in how art is made. He has taught materials and techniques for almost twenty years and is inspired by art materials and their effects. Ed has come to believe an artist with knowledge of art materials and the techniques becomes a more proficient in creating art. Beyond the materials, he is inspired by color, value, light and contrast. Therefore, his subject matter varies greatly from one painting to another, although he does favor the landscape.

Ed currently is Director of the Canson Art Education program representing Canson, Arches and Royal Talens. Ed lectures on drawing and painting materials and methods for art schools all over North America and conducts workshops on color mixing, pen & ink, painting, drawing, paper evaluation, and composition.

Location: Schererville, Indiana, United States
Member since: 2012

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