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In 2011, Sophie was certified in Senior Art Clay. 

Sophie Turlur-Chabanon

Since her childhood, creating has always been a second nature for Sophie. She was initiated to multi-faceted techniques such as drawing, engraving, enameling, and mosaics.

In 2005, she handcrafted her first jewelry pieces by combining multi-colored beads and seeds. One year later, she discovered polymer clay which allowed her to make her own shapes, colors and imitations. In 2010, the discovery of metal clay was a real revelation. All her previous work and learned techniques in polymer clay were really useful to switch from one media to the other. In 2011, Sophie was certified in Senior Art Clay. 

Because of the sudden and dramatic inflation of the price of silver metal clay, she has been learning and experimenting with metal bronze, copper and steel clay, which is much more complicated. For her metal work, she uses techniques such as modeling, texturing, needle engraving, stone setting, syringe, and wire and combines them into organic and ethnic inspired elements.

Today, after being helped by the metal clay community and in particular, both the creator and users of the French Meteor metal clay, she would like to share with you all her experience in this area. You can find more information about Sophie on her blog.

Location: Toulouse area, South-West Fran
Member since: 2015

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