Nicole Taylor

Nicole Taylor is a self-taught artist and crafter with an education in graphic design. She spent much of her life raising her children and working in accounting and was only able to dream about creating art. Now her children have left the nest and she focuses solely on her art.

Having trained in graphic design, Nicole sees a lot of her art as a challenge; a puzzle that needs a solution. When she gets an idea she wants to see if she can bring what she sees in her head to fruition. Nicole loves to use her tools and mediums in unconventional ways to achieve her desired effectShe often has experimentation days solely devoted to seeing just how far she can push the materials. 

People have said Nicole is versatile. Her response is that she gets bored easily and needs to solve a new puzzle. She has been a crafter her entire life; dabbling in every craft she could get her hands on – crochet, sewing, beading and jewelry making, to name a few. She incorporates most o fthe techniques learned in her current work. In the 90s, she made her first feeble attempts at polymer clay and says she's glad she didn't have a good camera then. In 2010, she found she had a gift for sculpture and with the time to pursue it, her skill has grown by leaps and bounds.  

You can find more about Nicole and her work on her website.

Location: Dayton, Nevada, United States
Member since: 2015

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