Christina Bazhkova

Christina Bazhkova was born in Murmansk, Russia. She first tried the technique of macramé and bobbin lace while in school. Since childhood, she has always had an interest in art and has practiced different types of crafts.

Some time ago, Christina went back to macramé and began to create jewelry using the combined techniques of micro macramé and beading. She uses glass beads, Swarovski elements and seed beads in combination with a weave of cords to make her jewelry pieces real works of art.

Christina studied graphic design at the University, and fashion design in Art Future Design School in Saint Petersburg, Russia. She has recently started to teach macramé. She has written several micro macramé tutorials based on her own patterns and loves to share this art with others. Christina Bazhkova is best known under her creative name, Christina Cay. You can follow her on her Facebook Page

Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Member since: 2015

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