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Claire's work has been featured in several magazines including From Polymer to Art and Art Jewelry magazine as well as Cynthia Tinapple’s book Polymer Clay Global Perspectives.

Claire Wallis

Claire has had a passion for making things all her life, but after discovering polymer clay in 2009, she became instantly smitten with the versatile nature of the media. The natural world provides much of Claire’s inspiration. Fabulous birds peer from her intricate and detailed canes; her sculptures feature fantasy beings and mythical creatures.

Attention to detail and subtle colors give Claire’s millefiori canes a painterly look that indulges her pre-polymer love of drawing while her jewelry often features smooth and simple sculptural shapes.
A self taught artist, Claire often finds herself automatically transferring techniques from one art or craft to another often with surprising and gratifying results.

Claire's work has been featured in several magazines including From Polymer to Art and Art Jewelrymagazine as well as Cynthia Tinapple’s book Polymer Clay Global Perspectives.

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Location: West Sussex, United Kingdom
Member since: 2015

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