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Linda is self-taught and has been a needle felting artist for more than nine years. Her toys have pleased many kids, and her art toys and accessories are included in many private collections all around the world.

Linda’s work was featured in a Russian felting book Vojlok. Vsesposobyvaljanija (which translates to: All Kinds of Felting) by KseniaShinkovskaja. Linda has been teaching needle felting in different workshops and summer camps for kids and adults since 2012. 

Linda Brike

Linda has enjoyed many different crafts since childhood including knitting, crocheting, bead working and sewing. She started needle felting in 2006 when her first child was born and she wanted to try a new hobby. This new hobby evolved into both a passion and a job.

Linda loves natural materials and simplicity. And needle felting has it all! One needs only natural wool fiber, felting needles and a felting mat. Linda enjoys the process of getting a desired shape out of the wool fiber using just a simple barbed needle, and finds the needle felting process quite meditative. She uses round bases for many of her toys, and lovingly pays close attention to details that finish her work. Linda’s needle felting is sturdy, firm and durable. 

Linda’s inspiration comes primarily from nature, birds and animals. She is amazed by the details that the nature has put into each bird feather and animal skin pattern. She also loves fairy tales. So nature and childhood meet in her work to create fun bird and animal balls and other items. Linda opened her online Etsy shop in  2010. You can see more of her work here.  

Location: Marupes novads, Latvia
Member since: 2015

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