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Adriana’s work has been featured in Belle Armoire Jewelry, Time Out – New York, The Week, The Polymer Arts magazine, and Polymer Clay Daily. Her collection is carried by several online and retail stores. 

Adriana Allen

Adriana’s encounter with polymer clay was coincidental and unanticipated, but it was a love at first ‘cure.' A London School of Economics graduate and a career journalist, she never thought jewelry making would be part of her life. She has always been creative, but her creativity had found expression in writing for television, magazines, websites, and painting. ­ Then, after moving to the United States in 2008, she began looking for a different venue of artistic work that would fill the void left by her career and she found it in polymer clay.

The versatile new material was the right answer to her question, “What now?”  She treaded the new path carefully, but there was an instant connection. The diverse intrinsic qualities of clay seems to offer something to many, in Adriana’s case, polymer clay offered a vast field of creativity that was not inhibited by her RA impacted hands. Polymer clay is not only unlimited in its applications, it is also very manageable and easy to work with. And work Adriana did.

Adriana continuously researches new techniques and has had some interesting and successful results such as her image transfer technique and the imitation of patina. Characteristic of her work is the use of different materials and mixed media in combination with clay to achieve tromp l’oeil effects.  She believes that, as everything else, polymer clay is capable of extraordinary accomplishments if we think outside of the box and push its limits.

To see more of Adriana's work, please visit her website and her Etsy shop.

Location: Mansfield, Texas, United States
Member since: 2015

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