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Arbel has a BFA in photography from the San Francisco Art Institute, and is a GIA certified Gemologist. She was one of the pioneer beadwork teachers in the 1980’s, teaching atthe "Orb Weaver" bead store in Oakland CA. She is a guest teacher on the PBS show "Beads Baubles and Jewels" and on the Fire Mountain Gems and Beads videos. She studied metalworking at the Collage of Marin and worked for jewelry designer Janet Alix. From 1990-2002, she designed and created silver and gold jewelry using both fabrication and casting. She left Fire Mountain Gems in 2014 to became an independent designer.

Arbel Shemesh

"The beauty of creating in polymer clay is that the possibilities are endless. We create something out of nothing. With our creativity, we breathe life into a blank block of clay. That is magical." –Arbel

Inspired by nature and magic, Arbel's work is a mix of nature meets fantasy with a healthy dose of craftsmanship. Her style is very organic and flexible, allowing creativity to flourish while at the same time giving students enough practical information so as to be successful in creating their own special pieces. Most of Arbel's polymer clay passion has centered around caning, however all the little parts and pieces of clay that result from the caning process have sparked her imagination. This has resulted in some fun techniques.

Throughout her life, Arbel has worked with many different materials. Beginning with beads, feathers and leather, she went on to become a metalwork artist working with silver, gold, and precious stones. Ten years ago, polymer clay came into her life as the perfect medium for expression. For Arbel, the process of making art is a lifelong journey, a powerful draw that defies explanation. The materials we shape and mold, and the techniques we learn all combine to give us a well equipped toolbox with which to play in our creative sandbox.

Throughout her life, Arbel has felt honored and fulfilled to be a part of this process of learning and teaching, the sharing of knowledge. She lives in Israel with her husband and two Tibetan terriers.

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Location: Kfar Daniel, Israel
Member since: 2015

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