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Isabelle's experience and creativity helped her enhance a design and modern jewelry collection, favoring sparkling color associations and uncommon mountings. 

Isabelle Chatelain

Isabelle first met polymer clay in 1988 and didn't know what it was really made for. She modeled tiny animals full of details with it. She loved crafts; but studies and life had her set the clay aside for awhile. When she lost her dad in 2002, she found herself with a huge gap to fill and a lot of spare time too. She went back to crafting, started mosaics, beading, but the beads were quite expensive and didn't offer all the originality she was after. A friend of hers offered her a polymer clay beaded necklace and some left over packs and it just tilted in her head. She had forgotten the medium and even thought it didn't exist anymore. At that time in France, there were no books and clayers were still at the early stages. She groped for new creations, made things that were nicer and nicer, when she decided to see what was going on with clay on the other side of the big pond…and she was thrilled and frustrated to discover so many huge possibilities, all the beautiful and complex things she immediately needed to understand and discover. By continually trying and searching, she finally discovered her own secrets and techniques.

Polymer clay entered in her life as a second chance – second chance to make her life and personality progress without her dear father. She had never imagined her life without her father and she now doesn't imagine her life without polymer clay either.

Location: Algrefeuille Sur Maine, France
Member since: 2010

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