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After working in Corporate America, Judith now has a studio in two states and the time to express herself artistically. 

Judith Bertoglio-Giffin

Judith Bertoglio-Giffin is an internationally published author, artist, designer, and teacher who has been beading for over 25 years. She teaches bead crochet workshops nationwide that includes basic and advanced techniques, emphasizing creative approaches to bead crochet. She enjoys working in just about every beading technique there is. As an antidote to the structure of bead crochet, she often indulges in freeform peyote. Quite frequently a pre-designed piece just will not cooperate and becomes something else again. That's the primary reason she works in bead embroidery and freeform techniques as they allow for freedom of expression, by design or otherwise.

After 40 years of raising a family and working in Corporate America, she now has a studio in two states and the time to express herself artistically. She finds it rewarding to use Corporate learned skills of teaching adults in the beading world. Judith splits her year between Tombstone, AZ and Antrim, NH.

Location: Tombstone, Arizona, United States
Member since: 2010

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