Hollow Silver Bead with Gordon Uyehara

In this workshop, you’ll create a silver clay hollow bead with Gordon by using cork clay as a construction foundation. Since cork clay burns away completely during firing, it does not add any weight. To make your bead more interesting, you’ll also be using three different types of silver clay. A supplemental .pdf document is included.
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Products Used in Project:
• PMC3 Silver Clay, 6.3g, Pack of 1
• PMC3 Silver Clay Slip Syringe, 9g, Pack of 1
• PMC3 Silver Clay Slip/Paste, 15g, Pack of 1
• Cooling Blanket, Pack of 1

Tools and Accessories Used in the Project:
• Cork Clay, Pack of 1
• Graduated Slats Set for PMC, Pack of 1
• 8" Teflon Roller for Metal Clay, Pack of 1
• PMC Teflon-Coated Work Surface, Pack of 1
• Acrylic Work Surface Set for Accent Silver, Pack of 2
• Retractable Straight-Blade Scalpel for Metal Clay, Pack of 3
• No-Flake Firing Foil, Pack of 1
• Rio PMC Kiln with Nine Program Controller, Pack of 1
• PMC Beading Awl, Pack of 1
• Brass Brush, Pack of 1
• Midas Liver of Sulfur, Pack of 1
• Sunshine Polishing Cloth Tubes, Pack of 1

• Burnisher, Pack of 1
• Tapered Mixing Spatula, Pack of 1

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Gordon Uyehara

Gordon Uyehara

Metal clay entices Gordon with the lure of simple expression. Yet, he is frequently challenged in the quest to realize his outlandish vision. He strives for efficiency of movement coupled with unrestrained playfulness. When ideas form in his mind, he wants to bring them into physical existence so he can share them. It's fun and one of the ways he express himself as a human. Metal clay is perhaps a life long obsession of Gordon.

He usually starts with a rough sketch to act as a guide. He then decides from the sketch how the piece should be constructed. He works on components separately and then...
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